I am lucky to work with a number of very talented students and postdoctoral researchers that are part of the Cyber Security & Privacy Lab (CSP-Lab) at NYUAD and the Information Security Group (InfSec) at RUB. Currently I am working with:

Current Group Members:

  • Evangelos Bitsikas (NYUAD)
  • Ala’ Darabseh (NYUAD)
  • Raluca-Georgia Diugan (NYUAD)
  • Muhammad Shujaat Mirza (NYUAD)
  • Liang Niu (NYUAD)
  • Theodor Schnitzler (RUB)
  • Dr. Mathy Vanhoef (NYUAD)
  • Nian Xue (NYUAD)


  • Dr. David Rupprecht (RUB), 07/2020: Enhancing the Security of 4G and 5G Mobile Networks on Protocol Layer Two
  • Dr. Katharina Kohls (RUB), 07/2019: Internet Anonymity and Privacy in the Presence of Large-Scale Adversaries, now Assistant Professor at Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Kai Jansen (RUB), 03/2019: Detection and Localization of Attacks on Satellite-Based Navigation Systems

Previous Visitors, Interns, Researchers: