Experiences on Promoting Computer Science Studies

  • Christina Pöpper and Adrian Altenhoff
    What Drives Young Women to Study Computer Science in Switzerland?
    Experiences on Promoting Computer Science Studies for Female High School Graduates

    In Proceedings of the 5th European Symposium on Gender & ICT, Bremen, March 2009. [PDF]

News Archival

10/2019: NYUAD has three openings for positions in Computer Science for next year: Open Rank Professor, Lecturer, and Visiting Professor. Please apply by Dec 1, 2019 (Link). I am glad to answer questions.

09/2019: Interested in earning a PhD in Computer Science from NYU, with focus in security and/or privacy? Visit and and get in touch with me. Application deadline: Dec 12/15, 2019 (specify NYUAD).

08/2019: We are soliciting paper abstracts for the OpenSky19 Workshop. Are you working with air-traffic control (ADS-B) data? Submit your abstract by: Sep 2, 2019.

08/2019: Evangelos Bitsikas is joining our group. Welcome Evangelos!

05/2019: Our S&P’19 paper “Attacks against LTE on Layer 2” [PDF] will be presented this month. Here is a teaser: Video.

04/2019: Two visitors to our group, David Rupprecht & Katharina Kohls: Welcome David & Katharina!

03/2019: Two papers on LTE Security accepted at ACM WiSec’19: “Lost Traffic Encryption: Fingerprinting LTE/4G Traffic on Layer Two” [PDF] and “LTE Security Disabled – Misconfiguration in Commercial Networks” [PDF].

01-02/2019: Tom Van Goethem is visiting our group. Welcome Tom!

01/2019: The submission deadline for ACM WiSec’19 is approaching: Jan 25. CFP.

11/2018: How to use Tor while avoiding certain geographic regions? New paper “On the Challenges of Geographical Avoidance for Tor” accepted at NDSS 2019 [PDF].

10/2018: Dr. Mathy Vanhoef is joining the CSP-Lab. Welcome Mathy!

09/2018: Interested in earning a PhD in Computer Science from NYU, with focus in security and/or privacy? Visit and and get in touch with me. Application deadline: Dec 12, 2018 (specify NYUAD).

08/2018: The Computer Science Program at New York University Abu Dhabi invites applications for faculty at the Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Visiting Professor ranks. One particular focus is cyber-security:

06/2018: Attacks against LTE on Layer 2 – OR – Why to insist on HSTS? Find details about aLTEr in our paper “Breaking LTE on Layer Two”  accepted at IEEE S&P 2019 [PDF, Pre-Print] (to appear) and online.

03/2018: Article “On Security Research Towards Future Mobile Network Generations” accepted at IEEE Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons Sur­veys and Tu­to­ri­als, 2018, [PDF, TR, Pre-Print]

01/2018: Our group has been selected for funding from the ADEK Award for Research Excellence (AARE) 2017.

01/2018: ACM WiSec’18 is taking place in Stockholm this year. I am happy to co-chair the TPC. Consider submitting (Feb 22 / Mar 1) and/or attending in June!

12/2017: Two new papers to appear: “Crowd-GPS-Sec: Leveraging Crowdsourcing to Detect and Localize GPS Spoofing Attacks” [PDF, Youtube Video] at IEEE S&P 2018 and “Forgetting with Puzzles: Using Cryptographic Puzzles to support Digital Forgetting” [PDF] at ACM CODASPY 2018.

11/2017: Considering a PhD program at NYUAD in Computer Science, with focus in security and/or privacy? Visit and and get in touch with me. Application deadline: Dec 12, 2017.

11/2017: Multiple faculty positions at New York University Abu Dhabi in Computer Science (Tenure Track and Tenured). Area of interest is cybersecurity, among others. For more information, please visit:

09/2017: Brice Tedongmo is joining the group as research assistant. Have a good start, Brice!

06/2017: Nian Xue will be joining the group as PhD student in July. Have a good start, Nian!

05/2017: Opinion Paper on Multi-device attackers on satellite-based localization systems at WiSec 2017 [PDF]

04/2017: ASIACCS is taking place at NYUAD

12/2016: Open PostDoc position in cyber/wireless security. Click here for more information and to apply. For inquiries, please get in contact with me (

12/2016: Paper on GPS multi-receiver spoofing detection and countermeasures at ACSAC 2016 [PDF]

11/2016: ASIACCS 2017 will take place in Abu Dhabi at NYUAD in Apr. 2017 – consider attending (submission deadline was extended to Nov 15th)

8/2016: Paper on implementation correctness of LTE security functions at WOOT 2016 [PDF]

5/2016: Paper on VoIP steganography at ASIACCS 2016 [PDF]

3/2016: Outstanding paper award for “Neuralyzer: Flexible Expiration Times for the Revocation of Online Data” at ACM CODASPY 2016 [PDF]